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Step One: Town and Contact Information


Step Two: Branding

This is the name that will be shown next to your logo inside the app. It should include, or be, the name of your Town or Community. For example, Info Town or Town News. If wanted, this can be translated.
This is to clearly brand your town. We support png, jpg, gif, and bmp formats. Files must be less than 5 MB in size. The Image files should be no larger than 1024 by 1024 pixels.

Step Three: Select Your Categories

Categories break up your communications. E.g. Taxes, Traffic, Events. This allows you to categorize information, and also allows users of the app to easily pick and choose which information they receive.

Some pre-defined options can be selected below, and you can also click the + button to create custom ones.
There are 2 category options on your custom Dashboard that are always included, and will always be sent to all users. The 'All' option is intended for urgent alerts, and the 'General' option is for non-urgent notifications for everyone.

Step Four: Button Selection

You can select up to six buttons that appear on the home screen of the App. Alert History and Settings are automatically included in your app, making up to a maximum of eight buttons in total.

This is an automatically generated list of alerts received by the App (Always included).

This allows the user to change the subscribed town, and to pick which Alert / Message categories they will see (Always included).
Please select up to six buttons using the checkboxes from any of the three button sections below.

Buttons Section One
The buttons in the following section will display Webpages and/or PDF documents. These can be changed from the Dashboard at any time.

For showing garbage and recycling pickup dates, or other related information

Any calendars of your choice.

Any information you wish to share with your citizens.

Links to newsletters or news feed.

Can help you fundraise or be used to link to a payment system, e.g. for buying tickets.

Information on events, sports, and other public activities and recreation in your town.

Buttons Section Two
The buttons below are for launching your Website, or Social Media (using an app on the phone, if available).

We require the URL/Address to link to your website.

Enter the URL/Address of your Facebook Page.

Enter the URL/Address of your Instagram Page.

Enter your Twitter handle

Buttons Section Three

  • Allows users to post short reports (with optional GPS position) to your Dashboard. If wanted, you can also get simple emails when reports are posted, if the GPS locations are within town boundaries.
  • If required please specify an email address here: 
  • Reports have types which you can define below. Some pre-defined report types can be selected below, and you can also click the + button to create custom ones. Users of the app can pick the type when they submit the report.

If you select this, you will need to specify the latitude and longitude boundaries. The App will use Google Maps for displaying the Map.

Please specify the latitudes and longitudes used for the town boundaries, for the Map and/or Reports.

Please enter the Contact Name, a Phone Number and/or Email address, and an optional subtitle (like a job position).

Step Five: Dashboard

Enter the email addresses of up to three people that will be authorized to use the Dashboard.
Authorized Users
Dashboard Language
Notification Languages
Pick the languages you expect to use for Alert Messages and Documents (uploaded or linked). These options will show up on your dashboard. Please note we do not provide automatic translation.

Step Six: Other Information


If you have any questions or issues please email info@citizenalert.ca.